Woman Receives Sentence After Poisoning Husband’s Coffee

Woman Receives Sentence After Poisoning Husband's Coffee

(LibertyInsider.org) – Last year, Air Forceman Roby Johnson noticed his coffee began tasting weird. He set up a sting operation in his own home and caught his wife, whom he was divorcing but still living with, pouring bleach into the coffeemaker. He turned the evidence over to authorities, who arrested her. She just received her sentence for the crime.

In July 2023, police took 39-year-old Melody Felicano Johnson into custody. The following month, they charged her with adding harmful substances to food, drink, or medicine, aggravated assault, and attempted first-degree murder. However, Johnson, now 40, took a plea deal in early April: two counts of poisoning food or drink. Each count holds a maximum sentence of two years in prison.

However, Johnson avoided jail time. At her sentencing hearing on May 10, she received just three years of probation.

The case dates back to May 2023, when Roby Johnson noted that his coffee was all of a sudden tasting weird. He ended up buying pH strips to test the beverage and noted it contained high amounts of chlorine. At the time, he was stationed in Germany. The couple was still living together, even though they were in the middle of divorcing.

Roby Johnson waited until they returned home to Arizona to report his wife. He set up a camera disguised as a fire alarm in the home. He caught her on camera on July 11, but police said it wasn’t enough to arrest her since they couldn’t discern what liquid she was pouring into his pre-set coffeemaker. Then, he placed another camera in the laundry room and caught her again on July 18.

This time, the footage showed her pouring bleach into a smaller container and then into the machine, which was enough for authorities to arrest her. Roby said he believed Melody “was trying to kill him to collect death benefits,” according to investigators.

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