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Liberty Insider is committed to keeping Americans with traditional values informed about legislation affecting their daily lives. We champion responsible gun ownership, respect for law enforcement officers and the men and women serving in the military at home and abroad, and personal freedoms such as the sanctity of life and the right to worship and speak freely.

Through the summarized legislative news in Liberty News and the deeper analysis of Truth Pursuits, Liberty Insider aims to provide frequent updates, fast-hitting facts about the latest legislation passed by Congress, and an analysis of what this could mean for your faith, your family, and your community.

Liberty Insider’s Mission

Liberty Insider’s mission is to ensure the conservative American fulfills their personal responsibility of being informed about the latest laws passed by Congress. Liberty Insider aims to provide a complete understanding of how these laws affect every American’s faith, community, and family values, as well as their personal freedoms.

Liberty Insider aims to make critical news accessible for busy, hard working Americans with traditional values, so readers can make informed choices in their daily lives and at the voting booths.

Fair News Coverage for the Average American

Liberty Insider opposes the liberal bias present in mainstream media. Our coverage is respectful to the esteemed members of our military and to the law enforcement officials in our communities. We respect what firefights, first responders, and hospital workers do to keep our communities functional, and we treat them with fairness and respect in our coverage.

Additionally, we counter biases that oppose the sanctity of life and our other basic rights, such as the right to bear arms or pray in public. We’re here for the average, hard working American who wants to fulfill their personal responsibility to stay informed about critical news topics.

Daily Updates from Liberty News

Liberty News provides the latest updates from Congress on laws that impact your personal liberty and freedoms. Examples include decisions about laws concerning the right to life, the right to bear arms, and the freedom of speech and worship. Make sure your rights stay protected by subscribing to critical updates from Liberty News, courtesy of Liberty Insider.

Digging Deep with Truth Pursuits

Truth Pursuits explores the deeper context of decisions and laws concerning your personal freedoms and the rights of every American. When funding is given to immigrants, what happens to the funding for American citizens in need? When gun ownership rights are restricted, how will that impact you as a citizen protecting their family? These are the questions Liberty Insider examines in Truth Pursuits.

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At Liberty Insider, we love staying in touch. The best way to do that is to subscribe to Liberty News and Truth Pursuits, which helps us fulfill our mission of keeping Americans with traditional values informed about the news of the day. Stay informed, stay in touch, and stay vigilant about news concerning your personal freedoms.

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