Woman Pleads Guilty in Poisoning Plot

Woman Pleads Guilty in Poisoning Plot

(LibertyInsider.org) – The case of Melody Felicano Johnson became public last July when her husband, US Airman Roby Johnson, discovered she was trying to poison him by pouring bleach in his coffee. The pair were going through a divorce, but still living in the same residence on base at the time. He eventually caught her in the act in July 2023 after noticing his coffee tasted off as early as March. He went to the police, who arrested and charged Melody Johnson with attempted murder, adding harmful substances to food/drink, and aggravated assault. She has since pleaded guilty to two of the lesser charges.

In agreeing to the plea deal, Melody confessed to adding bleach to Roby’s coffee on July 11 and July 18, 2023. She will face sentencing on May 10 and could receive up to four years total, two years for each charge.

Roby first noticed his coffee tasted strange in March 2023 while he was stationed in Germany. He stopped drinking the beverage but pretended to do so to catch his wife in the act. He wanted to file the police report in the United States. Melody told authorities that she knew he prepared the coffee pot every night.

Eventually, when the Johnsons returned to Tucson from Germany, Roby set up cameras to catch his wife in the act. The video showed Melody pouring bleach into a separate container in the laundry room before taking it into the kitchen and emptying it into the coffee pot.

Roby also used pool chemical testing strips to test the contents of his cup and found it contained high chlorine levels. He could be heard on video saying, “You can smell it from here,” and “Wow,” when the strip changed color. He then took that footage to the police and told them he believed his wife was trying to kill him so she could collect his death benefits.

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