What Today’s Conservative Stands For

What Today's Conservative Stands For

(LibertyInsider.org) – Politics are not always black and white. There is a spectrum upon which political ideals fall. Conservative is on the right, while progressive is on the left.

While conservatives may define themselves in varying ways, there are some core beliefs they usually share.

Economic Freedom

Conservatives focus on freedom in all aspects of life, but especially when it comes to the economy. This means having choices.

The free market is the center of this. Capitalism helps economies grow and facilitates the creation of wealth. It is something people need to prosper and to have a fair chance of success within the economy.

Smaller Government

Conservatism favors a smaller government and less regulation of the lives of individuals. Governments shouldn’t rule over every aspect of a person’s life. People should have the right to make their own decisions about important issues instead of the government doing it for them.

The government should be there to protect personal freedoms, maintain justice, and keep order. Its actions should always focus on what is best for the American people.

The voters should hold the most power within the government. Elected officials should never pursue their own agendas over those of the people.

Individual Rights

Conservatives strongly believe in individual rights that allow each person to live freely as he or she wants. There should be as few restrictions as possible.

Not everyone has to agree on every issue, but everyone should have the right to their own opinions. The basic rights given to the people must be upheld. Everyone should have choices and the power to make their own decisions.

Constitutional Basis

One important thing to remember is that conservative ideas are deeply rooted in the US Constitution. Beliefs hinge on honoring this document as the highest law of the land and keeping true to the ideas of the Founding Fathers. The ideas, the freedoms, the goals found in the Constitution are essential to every principle that conservatives hold dear.

The Second Amendment

As noted above, Conservatives tend to view the Constitution of the United States as the basis for which laws should be formed. The right to keep and bear arms was specifically granted to people by the Founding Fathers. One of their main concerns in this area was the potential for a future government to become overbearing and dictatorial.

Having just thrown off the British monarchy’s despotic rule, they realized the importance of the citizens being able to fight for their freedoms if it became necessary. As society has changed and grown so have the dangers people can face. Defending one’s home and family by use of force when the need arises is a right that Conservatives are hesitant to give up.

While individual beliefs among Conservatives are as varied as the people themselves, these core values are ones most of those on the right hold closest to their hearts.

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