Vince Fong Reportedly Set To Take Over for Kevin McCarthy

Vince Fong Reportedly Set To Take Over for Kevin McCarthy

( – Former House Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was ousted from his leadership role in the lower chamber after he decided to work with Democrats to pass spending bills. He stood by his decision and later decided his time in Congress was up. He stepped away in December, leaving his seat vacant. A special election was recently held to fill it, and there’s a clear winner among the candidates.

Vince Fong, a California assemblyman, is the projected winner of the special election held on Tuesday, May 21. With 68% of the vote in on Thursday, he led candidate Mike Boudreaux, 60.2% to 39.8%. Fong had the backing of not only McCarthy himself but also former President Donald Trump, who called him “a true Republican.” The former speaker helped fundraise for Fong, as well, managing to steer more than $700,000 to his campaign.

Boudreaux is the Tulare County Sheriff who ran on a platform promising to tighten up things at the border. Both candidates tend to align with Trump’s beliefs. Like his challenger, Fong has promised to end the border chaos.

Now, the assemblyman, who once worked for McCarthy, will fill the former speaker’s seat in the 20th Congressional District through January, when the term ends. He’s also considered a shoo-in to win the regular election in November, where he’ll once again go head-to-head with Boudreaux. The 20th Congressional District is considered to be one of the most conservative in California, a notoriously Blue state. In fact, of the state’s 52 House seats, Republicans only occupy 11.

Once Fong is sworn in, he’ll give the Republicans a 218 to 214 advantage. However, there are still four other vacancies, and the GOP majority is slim.

Kevin McCarthy, who had one of the most tumultuous runs as speaker, remains the only one in current times to be ousted from the role. His successor, Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA), however, has faced similar calls.

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