Trump Makes Endorsements for RNC Leadership

Trump Makes Endorsements for RNC Leadership

( – Former President Donald Trump has once again made headlines within the GOP by announcing his top picks for the leadership of the Republican National Committee (RNC). In a statement released on February 12, he threw his weight behind Michael Whatley (R-NC) for Chairman, Lara Trump for Co-Chair, and political strategist Chris LaCivita for Chief Operating Officer.

Trump praised Whatley, who currently serves as the leader of the North Carolina Republican Party, for remaining loyal to the former president over the years.

Turning his attention to his pick for Co-Chair, Trump lavished praise on his daughter-in-law Lara Trump, noting her dedication to the MAGA movement and its principles. He called her a talented communicator and confirmed that she had already agreed to reprise the role.

Trump then focused on FP1 Strategies founder Chris LaCivita, who is also serving as a senior advisor on his 2024 election campaign. He expressed full confidence in LaCivita’s ability to transform the RNC into a formidable force for the 2024 election, emphasizing his ability to leverage available resources to “win for the American people.”

The question of whether Trump’s decision to pursue a new RNC chair may be premature continues to generate confusion. Reports swirled in early February that Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel had advised the former president of her intention to resign during a meeting at Mar-a-Lago. Trump even appeared to confirm the exchange in a Truth Social post on February 5.

However, McDaniel herself has not yet confirmed publicly whether she plans to step down. In a statement shared with NBC News by RNC insiders, McDaniel wrote, “I am still hard at work as RNC Chairwoman,” and working to get Republicans elected in the coming election. McDaniel also said her team of staffers were actively ignoring any “outside noise” and that nothing had changed or would change until after the culmination of the South Carolina primary on February 24. She and other RNC sources have reportedly stated that a decision will be made on McDaniel’s future after the primary.

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