Trump, DeSantis Have Private Meeting

Trump, DeSantis Have Private Meeting

( – For a long while, former President Donald Trump and Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R), had a good working relationship. Then, DeSantis challenged Trump for the Republican nomination. That set off a firestorm between the two, leading to bickering in the media and name-calling from the former president. Now, however, it appears the two are looking to get back on common ground.

Trump and DeSantis met in Miami on Sunday, April 28. Trump confirmed the news on his social media platform, Truth Social, calling it a “great” meeting and expressing his enthusiasm at his and DeSantis’ ability to work together to “make America great again.” Initial reports said the gathering was put together by allies who want to see the men work together to help Trump win the general election, but it was later clarified that DeSantis himself asked for the meeting. Trump said a mutual friend, Steve Witkoff, arranged the event.

DeSantis has quite an expansive network, which he could tap into to help raise donations for Trump. As of the time of writing, Democrats are exceeding Republicans in fundraising efforts. And it’s not just for the general election; they’re outraising the GOP in Senate and House races, as well.

Back in February, DeSantis expressed concerns with his supporters that Republicans could be outspent, which would prove troublesome for Trump. Add in the former president’s legal woes, and it becomes clear he needs to approach every avenue possible.

The good news for Trump is that DeSantis agreed to help. Not only that, but the pair were reportedly friendly to each other. That’s a notable change from the barbs they exchanged during the primary race before the Florida governor dropped out following a weak showing in Iowa.

DeSantis was also very blunt about criticizing Trump and some in his inner circle, particularly when he accused some of them of “hav[ing] an ax to grind.” Yet, that didn’t stop him from endorsing Trump when he dropped out. That led to Trump stating he’d stop calling him “Ron DeSanctimonious.”

There’s been speculation that DeSantis plans to toss his name in the presidential hat again in 2028, but the Florida governor said such statements are “presumptuous.”

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