The Devastating Impact of Nuclear War in the US

( – Fortunately, the United States hasn’t suffered the direct results of a nuclear-age war. So far, Japan remains the only country in the world struck by atomic bombs, and it’s been nearly eight decades since Democratic President Harry Truman authorized the attacks on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. While tens of thousands of locals died in the initial bomb blasts, a new report indicates that hundreds of millions of Americans would perish during the first few days of a nuclear war.

On November 15, Scientific American published its December 2023 issue. Titled “The New Nuclear Age,” it provided an insider view of “America’s plan to remake its atomic arsenal” as well as insight into the devastating impact of a nuclear war on the country’s population.

S├ębastien Philippe, a Princeton University scientist who develops models studying the impact of nuclear explosions, authored one of the articles. He predicted that in the event of a nuclear war, America’s enemy would launch a “concerted nuclear attack” on US silo fields in North Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska. Those strikes would “annihilate all life in the surrounding regions” and ruin the area for fertile agriculture for several years. Likewise, Philippe wrote that attacks on silos in Kansas, Iowa, and Minnesota would likely create massive levels of radioactive fallout.

The Princeton scientist also reported that the inhabitants of the United States Midwest, along with the Canadian provinces of Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Alberta, could face “whole-body doses of radiation [outdoors] several times [greater] than the minimum [level] known to result in certain death.”

Philippe reported that his recent models indicated that “without appropriate shelter,” the entire population of the United States, the northern states of Mexico, and Canada’s most populous regions would face the lethal threat of overexposure to radiation if the Russians or some other adversarial country attacked America’s silos. In all, more than 300 million North Americans would face the possibility of dying.

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