Terrible Plane Crash Leaves 3 Dead

Terrible Plane Crash Leaves 3 Dead

(LibertyInsider.org) – Traveling by air is a quick, efficient way to get from one place to another. However, flying isn’t without its risks. There have been a number of small plane accidents over the past few years, and sadly, there was yet another one recently that claimed the lives of three people.

Dr. Lucius J. Doucet III was flying a single-engine Beechcraft V35 on Wednesday, May 15, when the aircraft seemingly broke apart mid-air. His two children, Jean-Luc and Giselle, were onboard. All three died in the accident.

A resident in Williamson County, Tennessee, called 911 to report what they believed to be a plane crash around noon on Wednesday. When authorities arrived, they found the wreckage, with pieces littering a half-mile stretch. Some residents called in and said they found debris from the aircraft in their yards. They were advised not to touch the evidence and to remain clear of the crash site while authorities investigated.

Williamson County Sheriff Mark Elrod confirmed that it did appear the aircraft broke apart while in flight and noted that upon arriving on the scene, authorities knew quickly that it “would be a search-and-recovery operation, not a search-and-rescue operation.”

Air Traffic Control was communicating with Doucet when the plane started to descend, giving it landing options. However, it eventually lost contact.

The National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), which is investigating the crash alongside the Williamson County Sheriff’s Office and Federal Aviation Administration, indicated that “weather was a factor in the accident” even if it wasn’t the direct cause, per Aaron McCarter, an accident investigator with the agency. It could take months before the preliminary report is available.

Giselle and Jean-Luc Doucet were students at Louisiana State University, where they studied veterinary medicine and engineering, respectively. They were expected to graduate two days later. The university released a statement on X, formerly Twitter, sending its thoughts and prayers to the family. It also said it would honor the two “at their respective commencement ceremonies.”

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