Squad Member Faces Very Competitive Challenger in 2024

(LibertyInsider.org) – The ultra-liberal members of “The Squad” united as an informal wing of the Democratic Party to attempt to force progressive changes on the country so far to the left that mainstream party members shuddered at the thought. However, recent events have upended the structural integrity of that group of radicals. For instance, the House recently censored Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) for her offensive remarks regarding the Israel-Hamas War. Now, a report indicates that one of her cohorts/accomplices faces a very competitive challenger in 2024.

On November 12, former Democratic Minneapolis City Council member Don Samuels announced his candidacy for Minnesota’s 5th United States congressional district. The position has been held by Squad member Rep. Ilhan Omar (R-MN) since 2019. Samuels formally declared his bid for Omar’s seat during an interview with local radio station WCCO.

Samuels told host Blois Olson that Omar had become her own worst enemy. She “hasn’t helped herself,” he proclaimed. Samuels boasted that he already had the support of “some folks” who liked him and what he planned to do if elected. He also noted that the progressive lawmaker made several “missteps” since assuming office — “even after the last race,” a reference to his 2022 bid to win the Democratic nomination for her seat.

Political watchers expressed surprise at Samuel’s substantial showing during the 2022 primaries. He picked up 48.2% of the vote to Omar’s 50.3%, trailing her by only 2,400 out of nearly 130,000 votes. Samuel said he increased his odds of beating Omar this time by announcing his decision to run nine months ahead of the August 13, 2024, primaries. In 2022, he entered the race in early April, giving him only five months to campaign.

The Cook Political Report’s Partisan Voting Index for 2023 shows Minnesota’s 5th Congressional District as a plus-30 Democratic seat. That means there are 30% more Democrats there than the national average. It also indicates that the candidate winning the 2024 Democratic primary will almost certainly serve as the district’s representative in Congress.

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