Senators Send Biden Letter about Refugee Intake

Refugee men and metal fence. Refugee crisis concept.

( – Controversy continues raging over Joe Biden’s failure, and that of his administration, to adequately address issues surrounding the Israel-Hamas War. However, a group of Republican senators recently pushed back on him, demanding the president take action on the potential intake of refugees from that conflict.

On November 16, Republican Senators Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida, JD Vance of Ohio, and Utah’s Mike Lee sent a letter to Biden calling on him to refuse to designate refugees from territories held by Palestinian officials for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). Likewise, they asked the president not to provide them Deferred Enforced Departure (DED) protections.

If Biden heeds their advice, not having the TPS would bar easy entry into the country for Palestinian refugees. Additionally, the lack of a DED paves the way for the potential deportation of individuals from Gaza.

The Republican lawmakers reminded the president of the critical security considerations the United States faces associated with the “ongoing armed conflict” between Israel and Hamas and the “related domestic protests [held] by foreign nationals” from Palestinian territories at college campuses and elsewhere.

Continuing, the senators explained that the federal government/Biden administration shouldn’t incentivize Palestinian aliens to “travel to, or remain” in the US. Reinforcing that demand, they urged Biden to remember his oath to protect and defend American lives and “not import” a group of “potentially radicalized individuals” into the country.

The lawmakers spent the bulk of the letter detailing the “pro-Palestinian, and, in some cases, pro-Hamas” protests staged across the US by radical activists waving “foreign flags.” They also discussed the protesters’ defacement of public monuments and the White House gates with graffiti. More chillingly, they pointed out that a “pro-Palestinian protester in California allegedly murdered an “elderly Jewish man.”

The Senators concluded their letter by asking Biden to continue his policy of not providing TPS and DED to Palestinian migrants and to “close” any other means of entry into the US to them. They also warned that America should be seeking ways to “reduce” the level of “terrorist sympathizers” in the country, “not increase them.”

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