Senate GOP Protests Open Border Policy with Walkout

( – Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) offered Republicans what he deemed was a “golden offer” as an incentive to vote to approve the Biden administration’s nearly $110 billion relief package for Ukraine and Israel. Irate GOP members walked out in protest of the proposal, which didn’t address their demands to tackle the country’s apparent open-door policy on immigration. They reportedly won’t agree to another foreign relief package until the Left agrees to tack on their comprehensive border defense bill.

The Democrats’ proposed relief, which includes using $14 billion to resettle migrants all across the country, has outraged most Republicans. Schumer says he’s adding in a compromise, but he’s only offering the Right the option to add a single amendment to cover their numerous border security concerns. House Speaker Mike Johnson reportedly told Schumer that GOP members weren’t going to back any spending proposals that didn’t attach HR 2 or the Secure the Border Act of 2023 in its entirety.

HR 2, which passed a House vote in May, would demand the continuation of all border wall projects that had been in place before former President Donald Trump left office and President Joe Biden’s administration halted construction. It also includes sections that would add greater security to the border regions, reform asylum practices, protect migrants from unlawful detention, and keep children with their parents as long as none of them committed any additional crimes while illegally entering the country.

Not a single Democrat joined the 219 Republican House members who voted to pass the bill. John S. Duarte (CA) and Thomas Massie (KY) were the only two Republicans to vote against it. Fellow GOP member Greg Pence (IN) didn’t participate in the vote.

Republicans have had enough of the Biden administration’s policies, and they want the White House to prioritize securing the southern border. They want Democrats to know they mean business, and the walk-out is a demonstration of their unwillingness to negotiate the matter any further.

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