Saudi Arabia and the US Form New, Odd Partnership

( – According to the US Department of State, the United States and Saudi Arabia have had a diplomatic relationship since 1931. The US government believes the two countries share several common interests, including the Gulf region’s stability, security, and prosperity. In addition, the United States and Saudi Arabian militaries work together on national security interests. Recently, the pair forged another partnership.

On November 28, the department shared a joint statement from the US and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia outlining the countries’ intent on working together in space exploration. Both nations are in the process of negotiating a cooperation framework where they can work together to explore and use outer space for peaceful purposes. The discussions will include aeronautics, space operations — including space security — and Earth and space science.

The State Department said the intention is to expand the bilateral cooperation between the US and Saudi Arabia in agreement with the Jeddah Communique struck in July 2022. At that time, the White House shared another joint statement from the US and Saudi Arabia announcing a strategic partnership to foster a “more peaceful, secure, prosperous, and stable Middle East.” The communication talked about agreements about energy security, climate cooperation, global infrastructure and investment, security, defense, cybersecurity, and technology issues. The statement also touched on discussions about other countries in the region, including Iraq, Israel and Palestinian issues, Syria, Ukraine, and Afghanistan.

Newsmax reported more space news shared by the Deputy Minister for Science and Technology, Jitendra Singh. The deputy stated that the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and NASA are planning to launch a remote-sensing satellite together to observe Earth. That venture will occur during the first quarter of 2024.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson said the discussion between the US space organization and the ISRO included plans to send an Indian astronaut to the International Space Station (ISS) by the end of next year.

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