RFK Jr. Unveils Decision on Running Mate

RFK Jr. Unveils Decision on Running Mate

(LibertyInsider.org) – Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. announced that Nicole Shanahan, a wealthy lawyer from San Francisco, will serve as his running mate in the upcoming 2024 election. Shanahan, who enters as his pick for vice president, is expected to financially bolster Kennedy’s expensive battle against Trump and Biden.

At a campaign rally on March 26, RFK Jr. called her a “brilliant scientist” and a “fierce warrior mom.” Likewise, he praised Shanahan’s dedication to social justice, protecting the environment, and the ethical development of technologies. He also highlighted her ability to “speak for millennials and Gen Z,” a key voting bloc expected to influence the outcome of this year’s election.

Shanahan, who took to the stage at the same event, began her acceptance speech by announcing her departure from the Democratic Party. She now considers herself an Independent, much like RFK Jr., who made the same switch on October 9, 2023. “Even though I am leaving the party,” she noted, “I believe I am taking the best ideas with me.”

Shanahan’s background runs the gamut from the mundane to what some say is a shining realization of the American dream. Born to first-generation Chinese immigrants, she grew up in poverty in California’s Placer County and worked her way through a legal degree at Santa Clara University School of Law.

Early exposure to tech encouraged Shanahan to focus on patent law and the ethical integration of advancements, including AI. She founded a Palo Alto fintech company called ClearAccessIP, which leverages the power of AI in patent portfolio management, in 2013.

Shanahan shot into public view when she married and later divorced Google co-founder Sergey Brin. She was also alleged to have been involved with tech mogul Elon Musk, although both individuals staunchly deny these allegations.

Kennedy and Shanahan were previously staunch supporters of the Democratic Party and many of its more progressive ideals. However, both grew increasingly uneasy with the overall direction it was headed in recent years. “Our values didn’t change,” RFK Jr. explained during the rally. “The Democratic Party did.”

RFK Jr.’s decision to select a running mate this early in the race may seem unusual or premature to some. However, many key swing states, including Nevada and Pennsylvania, have regulations that prevent them from listing a presidential candidate on the ballot until they officially name a vice presidential pick.

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