QAnon Shaman Files to Run for Congress

( – Jacob Angeli-Chansley, aka the QAnon Shaman, gained notoriety after photographs and images of him participating in the January 6 riot at the nation’s capital flooded the internet, turning him instantly into a national public figure. In March, he completed a 27-month prison term for his role in that incident. A recent report indicates that he plans to return to Washington DC — this time as a US representative for Arizona.

On November 9, Angeli-Chansley filed paperwork with the Arizona Secretary of State’s Office declaring his interest in seeking the nomination of the Libertarian Party for the 2024 election as the US representative of the state’s 8th congressional district. Two days later, the internet exploded as media outlets raced to publish their version of the news.

Angeli-Chansley hasn’t issued a public statement regarding his potential campaign, but Phoenix metro-area radio station KTAR-FM devoted most of its November 13 airing of “The Gaydos and Chad Show” to the various aspects of the QAnon Shaman’s possible run for office. Angeli-Chansley posted the nearly 18-minute interview on his X/Twitter page, dismissing it as “appalling.”

He also accused the show’s hosts of skewing the interview against him and heavily editing it. He said that less than half of the interview appeared on the program. He complained that their “treatment & censorship” revealed their effort to use “NLP” on their audience, a reference to neuro-linguistic programming, a pseudo-scientific approach to communication he promotes on his Forbidden Truth Academy website.

A quick review of Angeli-Chansley’s X account reveals a pattern of scorn toward mainstream media outlets and their sometimes inaccurate framing of his potential bid for the US House. For instance, he lashed out at NBC News and other sites for “always” leading with the “same Mockingbird Media talking points.”

To clarify his complaint, he listed typical headlines referencing his participation in the “Jan-6” incident at the US Capitol Building or his entry of a guilty plea to federal charges related to “his role in the J6 riot.” He also pointed out their fondness for discussing the “X amount of time” he spent in prison.

It appears unclear if Angeli-Chansley plans to complete the necessary paperwork to seek the Libertarian Party’s nomination. If he does, he will have to file a “nomination paper” on the Arizona Secretary of State’s candidate portal and file the required number of nomination petitions in person, determined by calculating one-half a percent of the total qualified signers in the state as of the first week of January 2024.

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