Pence’s AAF Expresses Concern About Biden in Israel

( – Former Vice President Mike Pence’s Advancing American Freedom (AAF) has reportedly issued a scathing letter to Congress blasting the Biden administration for failing to adequately support Israel amidst its ongoing conflict with Hamas. First obtained by Fox News, the memo sharply criticizes the administration’s actions and accuses it of holding policies that run afoul of Israel’s defense efforts.

The memo, titled “Biden Doesn’t Seem to Want Israel to Win,” accuses President Biden of refusing to support Israel’s military strategy and empowering adversarial forces in the process, including Iran. Pence and the AAF attribute this problem to the government’s sharp shift away from the Trump administration’s “maximum pressure” strategy.

The AAF also noted that Israel fully intends to continue the status quo until they achieve “absolute victory” in the region. Leaders like Prime Minister Netanyahu have defined this as the total destruction of Hamas, the safe return of all hostages, and the restoration of stability and peace in the immediate area around its borders, including the Gaza Strip, in the past.

In one particularly critical section, the AAF argues that the administration’s decision to advocate for a two-state solution and ceasefire runs afoul of Israel’s objectives. Nicknaming the president “Underminin’ Biden,” it calls these ideas contradictory to defeating Hamas.

“Israel is fighting to ensure its existence,” the AAF writes. “Meanwhile, the Biden administration is actively undermining Israel.”

Israeli leaders have called the idea of a two-state policy completely infeasible long-term. In fact, PM Netanyahu rejected the idea of a Palestinian state as recently as January 24. At the time, he refused to “compromise on full Israeli security control over the entire area in the west of Jordan.”

This stark critique from Pence’s AAF comes against the backdrop of heightened tensions in the region. A recent drone strike in northeastern Jordan near the Syrian border killed three American soldiers and injured dozens of others.

Tensions also escalated on January 29 when Hamas fired rockets toward Israeli cities for the first time in nearly four months. Later that same day, the militant group warned that it would not release any more hostages until Israel called off its attack.

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