Patrick Mahomes Shares a Really Weird Game-Day Secret

( – Given the unpredictability of sports, it’s no great surprise that pre-game and game-day rituals play a considerable role in football players’ careers. Why change them if the team keeps winning? Perhaps, more importantly, what happens if they stop? The Kansas City Chiefs player Patrick Mahomes recently discussed his weird game-day secret. Shhh, don’t jinx him!

On November 13, the two-time MVP football star talked with Hall of Famer Peyton Manning and his brother Eli Manning about his game-day ritual. Mahomes revealed that he’s worn the same underwear for every game he’s played for the Chiefs.

Mahomes said his wife Brittany bought them for him, so they hold sentimental value. He explained that he wore them during his first season with the team, and they had a pretty good record that year, so he decided to continue the tradition.

At this point, you might ask yourself, “Aren’t they in tatters by now?”


Mahomes told the Mannings he only wears the underwear on game days. “So they are not too worn down.”

Moving on to the obvious next question, he told the retired quarterbacks that he cleans them. “They’re not… nasty,” he proclaimed.

However, Mahomes quickly backtracked, telling the Mannings, “I wash them every once in a while.” He said that if the team is on a winning streak, “I can’t wash them, you know?” He said he has to roll with the punches and clean them later in those situations.

Mahomes concluded the interview by confirming that he plans to “keep the superstition going” as long as he keeps winning games.

Arguably, Mahomes’ seven-year record with the Chiefs lends some weight to his decision to keep up the game-day ritual. He’s played in three Superbowl games, winning two of them and receiving recognition as the game’s MVP both times and twice as the NFL’s most valuable player.

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