Officer Dies After Alleged Ambush By Suspect

Officer Dies After Alleged Ambush By Suspect

( – A young police officer from Minneapolis who attempted to help a man he thought was the victim of a shooting in Whittier on May 30 has died. While responding to the call, Officer Jamal Mitchell noticed a man lying prone on the ground and rushed to his side to provide aid. The supposed victim, who turned out to be a suspect, allegedly ambushed him and then gunned him down.

A colleague who was also present exchanged gunfire with the suspect moments later. Both were wounded in the exchange, but the suspect was fatally injured and died on the scene.

Emergency crews transported both officers to nearby Hennepin County Medical Center for care. While doctors were able to treat and release his colleague, Mitchell tragically died as a result of his injuries the same day.

Officer Mitchell, who was only 36 years old at the time of his death, joined the Minneapolis Police Department (MPD) in 2022 with a sincere desire to serve the public. According to City Council Member LaTrisha Vetaw, he hoped to “be the change” in policing as the force continued to face scrutiny in the wake of George Floyd’s death.

Mitchell achieved much in his short 18 months on the force. In 2023, the local community hailed him as a hero after he and another colleague raced into a burning building to rescue an elderly couple with only minutes to spare. He also volunteered while off the clock.

Mitchell leaves behind his beloved fiancée, their three young children, and many other loved ones who cared for him. At a subsequent tribute to honor his life, his colleagues on the force and friends gathered to cry, pray, and share their sorrow over the loss.

Thirty-five-year-old Mustafa Ahmed Mohamed, the suspect who died on the scene, reportedly had a long and well-documented history of getting into trouble with the law. According to state court records, he had a laundry list of prior convictions, including felony burglary, giving police false names, trespassing, and driving without a license.

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