Multiple Fighters Reported Dead After Attack at Base in Syria

Multiple Fighters Reported Dead After Attack at Base in Syria

( – Multiple Kurdish fighters are dead in the wake of a devastating drone strike targeting a commando academy at al-Omar oil field in Deir al-Zour shortly after midnight on February 4. The attack transformed the military base, home to both Syrian and American soldiers, into the latest flashpoint amid rapidly escalating tensions in the Middle East.

News outlets largely reported that six fighters were killed in the incident. However, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) and Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), it was later determined that seven fighters were killed and 18 other individuals suffered injuries during the drone attack. It was the 108th such attack to occur since SOHR began more closely monitoring the region in October 2023.

US Military leaders have yet to confirm or clarify the nationalities of those injured during the incident. Whether or not any of the 18 people harmed were American citizens or if they hailed from other coalition countries with personnel in the area remains unclear.

Questions emerged initially about who triggered the strike. While the SDF initially pointed the finger at “Syrian regime-backed mercenaries,” they later walked back that statement. The Islamic Resistance (IR) forces, hailing from Iraq and operating with the support of the Iranian government, reportedly claimed responsibility a short time later.

The attack comes on the heels of a string of US-led retaliatory strikes on Iran-backed groups, including the IF, throughout Iraq and Syria over the past few months. It also closely follows a similar drone attack on another base in Jordan housing American troops just last month.

The US Military made a unilateral decision to remain in Syria some time ago in an effort to push back against the Islamic State. While the Pentagon has stated that it hopes to avoid an all-out war with Iran, it fully intends to continue defending US and allied forces in the region.

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan confirmed this in an episode of “Meet the Press” with Reuters. He said the White House intends to continue rolling out retaliatory attacks against Iranian-backed militias, citing a desire “to send a clear message that the [US] will respond when our forces are attacked when our people are killed.”

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