Mike Pence Takes New Position at College

Mike Pence Takes New Position at College

(LibertyInsider.org) – Former Vice President Mike Pence is switching gears after dropping out of the 2024 election late last fall. Rather than aiming for the Oval Office, he’s set to channel both his personal faith and Conservative roots into an entirely new type of leadership role: teaching students about Christianity at Pennsylvania’s Grove City College (GCC).

In a press release published on April 11, administrators introduced the establishment of a brand new Center for Faith and Public Life and accompanying Pence fellowship. This initiative is intended to explore the role of faith in public institutions while also examining how Christians can better channel their religious beliefs into action that serves the common good.

Pence, operating under the official title of Distinguished Visiting Fellow for Faith & Public Life, is expected to play a major role in the development and management of the new center. His core duties will include teaching a class with McNulty, attending special events, and working directly with students at GCC.

GCC President Paul J. McNulty lavished praise on the former VP and said he was the perfect thought leader for the job. “He is an extraordinary role model” for people aspiring to “lead with wisdom and winsomeness in public life,” he said in a statement.

Pence’s statement accepting the new role of Distinguished Visiting Fellow was equally glowing. He expressed deep honor and enthusiasm for the opportunity and emphasized his belief that faith and public engagement are both compatible and essential for meaningful societal change.

Many Conservative Christians are growing increasingly concerned that religious faith, once an intrinsic part of life in the US, now faces mounting scrutiny or even outright opposition.

Despite his status as a long-time Republican, Pence has faced heavy scrutiny within his own party due to his refusal to support former President Donald Trump’s claims about the past election. Pence dropped his bid in October after failing to raise enough money or earn enough popularity to compete with Trump or President Joe Biden. the ex-Vice President declined to endorse a candidate.

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