Meuser Calls White House Border Control Efforts an Insult

( – Representative Dan Meuser (R-PA) appears to have reached his limit with the Biden administration’s approach to border security. In an exclusive January 5 interview with Newsmax, he criticized the White House’s attempts to blame Republicans for worsening the problem by blocking any potential solutions.

Meuser wholly dismissed these allegations, calling them an outright “lie” and suggesting that the average American should feel “insulted” by the claim. “It’s totally untrue,” he said. “All we do is talk about [the border crisis].”

Detailing a laundry list of Republican efforts to tackle the issue over the past year, Meuser pointed to the passing of the Secure Border Act (HR-22) in May 2023 as evidence. He also highlighted the scores of GOP representatives who have visited crossing points in person and remain committed to doing so until the problem is resolved. Meuser also questioned why President Biden and Kamala Harris never made the time, given the severity of the problem.

Meuser’s pointed criticisms about the blame game were likely in part a response to comments made by White House Spokesperson Andrew Bates in a recent statement. Bates accused Republicans of having an “anti-border security record,” citing their attempts to slash Customs and Border Protection personnel funding as proof.

Bates also took issue with the GOP’s decision to oppose Biden’s new record border security spending in the same statement. He noted that Republicans refused to approve the President’s supplemental funding requests, noting that “actions speak louder than words.”

Meuser said that position is little more than an insulting attempt to pass blame. From his perspective, one need only examine Biden’s current request for nearly $3 billion in supplemental funding more closely to see the evidence. Those funds are reportedly earmarked for processing and resettling migrants, not genuine attempts to strengthen security measures.

Meuser scoffed at this approach, calling it upside down, backward, and the real reason for the current crisis. He vowed that Republicans, as a House majority power, would do anything they could do to keep all supplemental funding focused on border security instead.

The issue of how to handle the border crisis continues to deeply divide Republicans and Democrats. GOP leaders argue that concentrating efforts on resettling more migrants could unintentionally incentivize irregular migration. Meanwhile, Democratic leaders worry that substantially ramping up security measures could exacerbate the hardships legitimate asylum-seekers already face.

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