Looks Like Joe Received Chinese Money from His Brother

(LibertyInsider.org) – President Joe Biden is once again facing accusations of indirectly benefiting from Chinese money. In a post shared to the platform X, formerly Twitter, Comer said the House Oversight Committee could prove that Biden received tens of thousands of dollars in laundered funds.

According to a press release, the allegations center on a $40,000 personal check written out to Joe Biden by his sister, Sarah Biden. Comer claims the House Oversight Committee was able to track that money all the way back to CEFC China Energy.

In July 2017, Hunter Biden allegedly demanded $10 million from an individual working for CEFC in a text messaging exchange on the platform WhatsApp. Claiming to be sitting by his father at the time, he warned that if it didn’t pony up the promised funds, it would face the “consequences.” Northern International Capital, which has ties to the CEFC, issued a $5 million payment to Hudson West III, established by CEFC associate Gongwen Dong and Hunter Biden, a short time later.

According to Comer, what happened from there created a tangled web of transactions that laundered the money through several accounts all the way back to President Joe Biden.

Records show that Hudson West III received the $5 million On August 8, 2017. That same day, the company sent $400,000 of that funding to a Hunter Biden-owned entity by the name of Owasco, P.C. Then, the president’s son initiated another transfer on August 14, sending James and Sara Biden’s company, Lion Hall Group, $150,000.

According to Comer, records from Sara Biden’s accounts show that she withdrew $50,000 in cash from Lion Hall Group on August 28. She then deposited that same amount into a joint checking account shared by her and James Biden. But on September 3, she forwarded $40,000 of that money to Joe Biden by check. A note at the bottom labels it as a “loan payment.”

Comer argues that these transactions illustrate how President Biden directly benefited from his family’s business dealings with Chinese entities, including CEFC, a company linked to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). He also said the transactions expose President Biden to potential future blackmail from Beijing, thereby putting America’s interests at risk.

President Biden continues to maintain that he was never involved in business with his son and did not benefit from foreign funding. Nonetheless, the allegations continue to fuel debates, especially given the sensitive nature of relations between the US and China.

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