Lauren Boebert’s Son Facing Charges

Lauren Boebert's Son Facing Charges

( – Representative Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) family is attracting media attention again, this time over her 18-year-old son’s recent encounter with the law. Officers from the Rifle Police Department (RPD) arrested Tyler Jay Boebert and slapped him with 22 separate charges on February 27. All of the allegations relate to a string of thefts, frauds, and other misdemeanors throughout the state.

According to a Facebook update from the RPD, at least five of the counts Tyler Boebert currently faces are tied to crimes considered a felony under Colorado’s Revised Statutes. That shortlist includes one count of Conspiracy to Commit a Felony and four individual counts of Criminal Possession of Identification Documents.

Police also charged Boebert’s son with at least 15 misdemeanor counts, several of which are listed in an identification record from the Colorado Bureau of Investigation. These charges encompass a range of offenses, including but not limited to possession of stolen property, auto trespassing with intent to commit a crime, criminal possession of a financial device, theft under $300, and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

According to police records, Tyler Boebert was booked into Garfield County Jail on the evening of his arrest. The facility’s February 28 current inmate roster confirms that the 18-year-old spent the night in custody but was released after a hearing that morning.

Tyler, who appeared by video from within the jail, reportedly appeared to be in good spirits, and periodically joked with the detainees around him while he waited to speak to the courts. After a brief word from his lawyer, Peyton Miller, Magistrate Jill McConaughy agreed to release him on his own recognizance.

McConaughy chose to implement a $1,250 personal bond at that time. However, Tyler will only be required to pay that amount if he fails to return for his upcoming court date on April 11. He was not required to pay anything out of pocket.

Congresswoman Boebert noted her love for him in a statement and highlighted the tough public challenges he continues to face as the child of a well-known politician. While Boebert expressed heartache over his struggles and committed to never giving up on him, she also said he should take “responsibility for his actions” and “be held accountable for [his] poor decisions.”

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