Kamala Harris Secret Service Agent Admitted to Hospital

Kamala Harris Secret Service Agent Admitted to Hospital

(LibertyInsider.org) – The hospitalization of a US Secret Service (USSS) agent on April 24 is raising new questions about how members of the elite squad are vetted. Michelle Herczeg, who was reportedly assigned to Vice President Kamala Harris, was allegedly on duty at Joint Base Andrews at around 9 a.m. when she lashed out and attacked a superior officer.

Secret Service leadership stated that Herczeg “began displaying behavior their colleagues found distressing.” Separate insider reports claim the agent grabbed a co-worker’s phone and deleted apps from it, hid behind curtains, and threw menstrual pads at a fellow officer while yelling that he was “going to burn in h*ll and needed to listen to God.”

A special agent in charge (SAIC), concerned that Herczeg was suffering from some kind of mental health issue, immediately stepped in and attempted to relieve the agent of duty. They lashed out and physically attacked him, firing back that other agents would soon arrive and give them permission to stay on the job.

Herczeg’s colleagues were able to subdue the agent and take possession of their firearm. They immediately called for an ambulance, which transported the agent to a local hospital for care.

While the exact nature of Herczeg’s condition remains unclear at this time, the USSS is calling the agent’s behavior a “medical matter.” They do not believe they were intoxicated or under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Harris, who was visiting the US Naval Observatory at the time, was unaffected by the agent’s sudden medical episode. The Vice President, who has yet to comment publicly on the unfortunate incident, reportedly continued with her scheduled activities for the day.

Behind the scenes, there is growing concern about what will happen next. A source who spoke to Real Clear Politics said the startling incident has many agents questioning the hiring process and whether they properly vetted Herczeg before hiring them.

During their time on the Dallas Police Force, the agent tried to sue the city for gender discrimination. Herczeg was also involved in the attempted capture of a convicted individual who ultimately took his own life.

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