Johnson Takes Aim at NYC for Displacing Students for Migrants

( – New York City officials aided and abetted by Biden administration officials canceled in-person classes On January 9 at a Brooklyn school to make room for hundreds of asylum seekers warehoused at a now-defunct airfield to take shelter from rain and high winds. Authorities bused those individuals back to Floyd Bennett Field at roughly 4:15 a.m. the following day. House Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) recently took aim at city officials for their decision to displace students to make room for migrants.

On January 10, the New York Post published excerpts from an interview with Johnson about the controversy surrounding the decision to disrupt classes at James Madison High School. The House Speaker began by shredding Biden administration officials for their disastrous policies regarding migrants.

Johnson noted that Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas recently admitted that his agency releases roughly 85% of the illegal migrants apprehended at the nation’s southern border into the US. Now, “teachers are having to [resort] to remote learning […] to accommodate illegal immigrants” due to the Biden administration’s poor “policy choices.”

Continuing, Johnson explained that President Joe Biden’s immigration and border security agenda has created a trickle-down effect, forcing city mayors to prioritize “the needs of non-citizens over the needs of our own [residents].”

Sadly, Johnson predicted that if Mayorkas and Biden continue to refuse to “reverse course and secure the [nation’s] southern border,” the nation’s schools and students “will continue to pay the price for [their] abdication of duty.”

Speaker Johnson isn’t the only person speaking out against the situation. For instance, news outlets reported that community leaders and parents gathered outside James Madison High School to protest the decision to force students to move to online classes. One parent said it was “inexcusable” to do that to students “after all they had been through” during the recent quarantines and school closures.

Brooklyn Assemblywoman Jamie Williams (D-District 59) urged officials to develop a “more sustainable plan” for reacting to storms. “We know another storm is coming,” she warned.

Meanwhile, city officials claimed they wouldn’t use James Madison High School to shelter migrants again. However, they didn’t state whether they would displace people from other public spaces, and that promise doesn’t undo the damage already sustained by the community.

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