John Kirby Reportedly Getting New Title in Biden Admin

John Kirby Reportedly Getting New Title in Biden Admin

( — President Joe Biden is allegedly planning to significantly expand National Security Spokesman John Kirby’s role within the administration. According to The Associated Press, an unidentified official who spoke to the media under conditions of anonymity on February 11 indicated that Kirby will not only receive a new title but will also take on several additional responsibilities.

The timing of Kirby’s potential promotion remains uncertain as the Biden administration has yet to publicly comment on or confirm the plan. However, the same official told Reuters that he is set to become the National Security Communications Adviser when the time comes.

In his new role, Kirby wil reportedlyl shoulder a broader shortlist of responsibilities, including advising the President directly on communication strategies and orchestrating coherent messaging across government agencies. He will also reportedly manage a small team of staffers and be promoted from Deputy Assistant to Assistant to the President.

The proposed changes to Kirby’s duties come at a time when the clarity and effectiveness of national security communications are of critical importance. Most notably, they come amid heightened tensions around the globe, particularly in Israel and the greater Middle East.

Kirby appears to have a glowing service record, complete with decades of experience in advising top military leaders and the White House on complex international issues. He has served as the Coordinator of Strategic Communications in the National Security Council since 2022.

Kirby’s own personal career with the US Navy spans almost three decades. He has served in a variety of roles over the years, including Public Affairs Officer and Chief of Navy Information, and retired as a Rear Admiral in 2015. Kirby also played a key role in communicating the US Military’s response to ISIS to the greater public and the international community during his tenure as a Press Secretary to the Pentagon under the Obama administration.

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