Ivanka Trump Appeals Subpoena to Testify in Fraud Case

(LibertyInsider.org) – There’s a new development in the protracted legal saga involving former President Donald Trump. On November 2, Ivanka Trump filed an appeal against a recent ruling compelling her to testify in a fraud trial concerning her father’s business dealings.

Ivanka was originally listed as a defendant in the wide-reaching $250 million civil suit. However, her legal team argued that she was no longer a party in the case back in June, citing New York’s statute of limitations. Lawyers argued that because Ivanka no longer lived in the state, she technically fell outside the state’s jurisdiction. An appeals court agreed with the finding and ultimately dismissed her from the case.

New York Attorney General Letitia James brought a new motion to appeal that order and asked the court to reinstate her as a witness on October 27. In the request, James accused Ivanka Trump of being “legally and financially entwined” within the state. Judge Engoron concurred, stating that a trial sought the truth and was thus entitled to testimony from the former president’s daughter.

Judge Engoron had initially scheduled Ivanka Trump to testify before the court during a half-day session on November 3. But on October 30, he agreed to shift that timeline to November 8 during a full-day session to allow more time for questioning.

Ivanka Trump’s legal team countered the subpoena with another motion to Judge Engoron on November 2. They took issue with the fact that the case would occur in the middle of a school week, creating “undue hardship,” and asked to delay the entire case until they could bring the matter to a higher court.

Engoron almost immediately dismissed the request. But Ivanka’s lawyers countered again, escalating the matter to the Supreme Court’s Appellate Division. They asked it to intervene by pausing the trial so they could bring the matter to a higher court.

Letitia James fired back, calling the idea of attending court for a single day “utterly meritless.” She reportedly implored the court to reject the request in its entirety.

Whether or not it agreed with her position on the matter isn’t entirely clear. However, the Appellate Division did dismiss Ivanka Trump’s request later the same day, once again confirming her November 8 appointment to testify before the court.

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