Hamas Founder’s Son Speaks Out on MSM Coverage

(LibertyInsider.org) – A man claiming to be the son of a prominent Hamas founder is speaking out in an effort to challenge mainstream perceptions about the group’s objectives. Mosab Hassan Yousef appeared on the October 23 episode of Fox and Friends, where he not only renounced the group but also labeled it a “raging religious movement.”

Yousef cited the growing global division over the Israel-Hamas conflict as evidence that the militant group’s reach extends far further than the Middle East, making it more dangerous than many other groups. He wholly dismissed media comparisons to ISIS, arguing that Hamas’s religious fervor drives them to commit acts of brutality that far surpass the extremist regime.

“They want to annihilate the Jewish people,” he explained, “because they are Jewish people, because they are a Jewish state.” Yousef said the mainstream media is afraid to use the same labels because they fear doing so could be the match that ignites a much larger religious war.

He also provided other examples of Hamas’ increasingly brutal activities in Gaza, including the group’s practice of taking hostages and using human shields in conflicts. Yousef further claimed that leaders had diverted humanitarian aid intended for citizens, using those funds to construct tunnels throughout Gaza.

But Yousef expressed the most concern over Hamas’ suicidal nature and consistent disregard for human life. “They are actually looking forward to death,” he said.

As for how to properly address the issue, Yousef isn’t solely focused on how global media outlets are reporting on this critical subject. He also said there is a heightened need for intelligence and that military forces must target key infrastructure within Gaza if they hope to make progress toward regaining control.

Yousef, whose father is Sheikh Hassan Youself, has an intimate understanding of how Hamas operates. He was at one point groomed to join the group himself and frequently aided his father in political activities. He turned away from terror and violence after Israeli forces arrested and brutally beat him, opting instead to become an informant for the Shin Bet intelligence agency.

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