George Santos Says He’s Challenging Congressman for Seat

George Santos Says He's Challenging Congressman for Seat

( – Disgraced former Rep. George Santos (R-NY) intends to challenge incumbent Nick LaLota for his old seat in the upcoming election. In an inflammatory post on X, formerly known as Twitter, Santos lashed out at President Joe Biden for “lying” during his State of the Union (SOTU) Address, labeled incumbent Nick LaLota a “RINO,” and vowed to return to “shake things up.”

Santos’ sudden comeback attempt comes just months after his Republican colleagues ousted him in December 2023. He was facing both accusations and criminal charges related to his political and personal conduct.

The congressman’s troubles began in September 2022 when a local paper raised questions about why his wealth had suddenly and inexplicably increased. Santos won his seat anyway that November, dismissing the claims of corruption as false attacks from radical leftists.

On December 19, The New York Times published an article accusing Santos of fabricating portions of his personal history, biography, and resume. The story almost immediately went viral. Santos’ lawyer, Joseph Murray, issued a statement shortly afterward suggesting that it was defamatory and untrue.

Despite the findings, a staunchly defiant Santos was sworn into Congress on January 7. He remained intensely defiant as calls for his resignation began to build.

It soon became clear that internal dissatisfaction with Santos was also growing among both House Republicans and the greater GOP. Senator Mitt Romney reportedly berated him in early February 2023, calling the representative a “sick puppy” and saying he didn’t belong there.

On May 13, 2023, Santos was officially arrested on multiple charges, including fraud, money laundering, and making false statements. A superseding indictment later charged him with more crimes, including identity theft and fraud, followed in October. By mid-November, a House Ethics Committee had issued a scathing report accusing Santos of misusing campaign funds.

Congress eventually expelled Santos in a 311-114 vote on December 1. A CNN reporter asked him whether he would exercise his “non-member privileges” to remain in the House immediately afterward.

He responded by asking, “Why would I want to stay here?” and said, “To h*ll with this place.”

Santos still faces multiple charges and the prospect of an upcoming fraud trial in September.

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