Gallagher Warns of Changes to Monroe Doctrine

( – Spy balloons, a secret Chinese bio lab in Reedley, California, and a global Belt and Road Initiative that not so subtly encumbers second and third-world nations’ resources to the Communist giant all give rise to concern for Rep. Mike Galagher, chair of the House Select Committee on the Chinese Community Party (CCP). On Sunday, November 26, Gallagher spoke with Fox Host Sean Duffy on “Sunday Morning Futures,” warning that America has remained complacent too long, allowing China to turn the Monroe Doctrine into the Mao Doctrine.

Gallagher and Duffy discussed the CCP’s inroads into the Western hemisphere through South and Central America. Moreover, the Chinese government and its partners continue buying ports, farmland, and technology throughout the region, placing ground-based satellites to communicate with space-based satellites, giving China better surveillance capability and monopolizing land and resources throughout the hemisphere.

Gallagher claimed the US had largely ignored its neighbors in the Western hemisphere, leaving opportunities ripe for the CCP. In an earlier interview with Dana Perrino and Bill Hemmer on America’s Newsroom, the lawmaker said American intelligence sources received reports of a massive spy Chinese base in Cuba, but the Biden administration first denied that any such installation could exist and then, less than 48 hours later, blamed the Trump administration for the ongoing issue. And Gallagher stated the administration used the same pattern when they dealt with the spy balloons.

The Congressman has stated his opinion on effective policy before but reiterated it. He claimed the only way to slow or stop the CCP’s encroachment into US sovereignty was to build and maintain “a credible deterrent posture.” He said it was the only way to prevent the Chinese from continuing their quest to displace the US as the leading global power.

“It’s time we paid attention to our own backyard,” Gallagher told Duffy. He said the US developed a sense of complacency because we had good neighbors who offered no threats. However, he claimed, “The CCP is now exploiting that complacency in order to encroach on our territory,” undermining the current world order.

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