FBI Comes To Settlement Agreement with Whistleblower

FBI Comes To Settlement Agreement with Whistleblower

(LibertyInsider.org) – House investigations into the Biden administration’s Justice Department (DOJ) and FBI prompted several whistleblowers to testify before the Oversight and Judicial Committees. On May 31, the FBI and one whistleblower finally reached a settlement after more than 27 months, during which the Bureau had suspended the operations specialist without pay and revoked his security clearance.

Marcus Allen said he forwarded information that “questioned the official narrative of the events of Jan. 6” to his superiors and others. Additionally, he questioned the veracity of FBI Director Christopher Wray’s Congressional J6 testimony. A May 23, 2023 letter sent to House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-OH) by Assistant FBI Director Christopher Dunham confirms that Allen’s activity from July through early October 2021 prompted the bureau to investigate the specialist in October 2021.

The Security Division suspended his security clearance in January 2022 because its investigation found he “espoused alternative theories to coworkers” in what the report called “apparent attempts to hinder investigative activity.” He testified before the Judiciary Committee in May of 2023 regarding the alleged weaponization of the DOJ and FBI.

He told the committee that the FBI had suspended him and accused him of disloyalty for holding “conspiratorial views” regarding J6 events. He flatly said, “I do not.” He told the lawmakers he wasn’t in DC on January 6, took no part in any associated activities, and condemned all attending criminal events.

Empower Oversight and the American Center for Law & Justice (ACLJ) worked on Allen’s behalf to negotiate a settlement agreement. The agreement came about two weeks after a May 14 DOJ Inspector General’s report on the DOJ’s Whistleblowers’ Protection Compliance that found the FBI had slow-walked Allen’s investigation and report process and up to 105 others for over a year.

During the more than 27 months that the FBI suspended Allen without pay, the bureau also enjoined him from taking employment elsewhere or accepting gifts or charity because he remained technically employed by the agency.

The FBI reinstated Allen’s security clearance and will provide 27 months of back pay and benefits as part of the settlement. Allen resigned from the agency on June 3. Neither party will admit fault or guilt. Jordan hailed the settlement as “a total vindication” for Allen, whom he called “a great patriot.”

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