Ex-Trump Organization CFO Pleads Guilty

Ex-Trump Organization CFO Pleads Guilty

(LibertyInsider.org) – A Manhattan court case involving a former Trump Organization executive has reached a conclusion. Allen Weisselberg, the company’s ex-chief financial officer, officially pleaded guilty to two counts of felony perjury on March 4. Both charges reportedly relate to false statements he made during depositions by the New York Attorney General’s office in 2020 related to former President Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial.

Weisselberg openly admitted to misleading investigators about how Trump’s penthouse apartment came to be listed at nearly 300% of its actual size on yearly financial statements. He originally told investigators he wasn’t sure how the error happened and said he only became aware of it when a Forbes whistleblower exposed the truth in 2017.

The ex-CFO told Judge Laurie Petersen on Monday that testimony was a lie. He also admitted to willfully continuing to enter the overinflated figures in a bid to secure financial benefits, including lower interest rates, better insurance terms, and high-value loans.

Weisselberg also confirmed that he lied to investigators when he said he was never present to hear Trump describe the size of his penthouse apartment. According to court documents published on March 4, he heard the former president tell a Forbes reporter the unit measured 33,000 square feet instead of its actual size of 10,996 square feet in 2015.

Prosecutors initially intended to charge Weisselberg with five separate counts of perjury rather than just two. They reportedly agreed to make a deal in honor of his willingness to admit fault and the fact that he is already on parole after pleading guilty to tax fraud charges from 2022.

Weisselberg’s sentencing isn’t set to occur until April 10. However, the prosecution is already recommending no more than five months in jail at this time, citing the ex-CFO’s advanced age as a contributing factor. The 75-year-old will likely serve that time at Rikers Island, the same place he served out his first sentence of 100 days in 2023 if the judge approves.

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