Everyday Items for Your Survival Kit

Everyday Items for Your Survival Kit

(LibertyInsider.org) – Preparation is the key to surviving a true SHTF scenario. That’s why so many die-hard doomsday preppers insist on stockpiling goods and gear long before a real crisis arrives. Unfortunately, far too many survivalists assume that means spending hundreds of dollars on expensive gear and pricey ration packs when they’re first starting out. In reality, these everyday items can be even more helpful than anything you’ll find in a store.

Corn Starch

That jar of cornstarch in your baking supplies is far more important than you might think, and not just because it will make it easier for you to whip up a solid stew. Dust a small amount over minor cuts and scrapes to help blood clot up and come to a stop, or use it as a deodorant and anti-chafing powder to ensure your own comfort. This miracle powder can even help you untangle overly tight knots.


While water might be the most obvious item on the list, its importance in a SHTF-scenario cannot be overstated. Water is quite literally life, and the more you can stockpile, the better. You’ll use it for washing, cooking, cleaning, and drinking, too. Rainwater collectors can also be helpful; while you shouldn’t drink from them without filtration, the water they contain is perfect for other uses.

Garbage Bags

Organizing refuse (and recycling) is important during a survival situation, but that isn’t why garbage bags are on this list. Regardless of color — blue, clear, white or black — nearly all are made with a sheet of plastic that you can repurpose. Cut them open to create rainwater collectors, shield yourself from the sun, or patch a tent. Or, wear them like a poncho to stay dry. Of course, they do make it easier to carry supplies from point to point, too.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is almost a luxury in a survival situation, mostly because it’s so intensely strong. It will help bind fabric to a wound in a pinch, but can also be used to shore up a shelter, patch a hole, fletch an arrow, reseal food packages, repair a shoe, or fix a broken vehicle. Another use is to twist it to create a makeshift rope that works well for DIY tools and clotheslines.


A good, sharp hunting knife is worth its weight in gold. Self-defense is one application, sure, but a sharp edge can help you craft other tools that will make survival a heck of a lot easier — especially if you’re in the woods. You can also use a longer blade with a serrated edge to cut trees, chop food, or strip bark for tinder, making it easier to create a fire.

Can Opener

Don’t underestimate the value of a working can opener when the SHTF. While it is possible to open a can with a knife, it isn’t easy and you risk cutting yourself in the process. Keeping a good metal can opener on you at all times will ensure you can crack into your non-perishables at the drop of a hat or even on the go.

In a survival situation, you may not have time to go looking for supplies, much less the opportunity to drop by your local Wal-Mart to pick up new tools. But that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank prepping, either. Almost everything around you is useful or valuable in some way. Make effective use of what you already have for best results.

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