Escaped Georgia Inmate Captured by US Marshals

( – An inmate who first escaped from a Georgia jail has been apprehended by authorities and returned to prison. US Marshals captured Chavis Stokes, 29, in Montezuma, Georgia, on October 27 after a nearly 11-day manhunt. According to a statement provided to Fox News, they located the man at a home almost 50 miles from the jail.

Reports say Stokes, who was originally detained by police on drug trafficking and firearms charges, broke loose from Bibb County Detention Center in Macon, Georgia, on October 16. Three other inmates participated in the daring escape, including 52-year-old Joey Fournier, who was serving time for murder, 24-year-old Marc K. Anderson, who police were holding for aggravated assault, and 37-year-old Johnifer Barnwell.

Video evidence captured at the time of the incident showed that all four of the men escaped from a window in one of the day rooms at Bibb County Detention Center. They then cut their way through a fence, climbed into a blue Dodge Challenger positioned just outside of the facility, and fled the scene. The four inmates split up and went their separate ways.

Authorities later discovered the same blue Dodge Challenger abandoned in the parking lot of a Biomat USA location in Macon after following up on a lead. Securing the stolen car shed additional light on the escape route. It also led to the arrest of a fifth unidentified man, who allegedly stole the vehicle from a rental agency one week prior to the men breaking out.

Police continued to investigate a number of leads and public tips, which eventually led them to track Stokes to a home in Montezuma. They arrested him and remanded him to custody. However, it wasn’t immediately clear whether he would face additional charges or if authorities continue to hold him on the same original charges instead.

As of October 30, all three of the other men who were involved in the escape were still on the run. However, authorities remain determined to track them down one by one so they can bring them to justice. Police are asking anyone with information about the escape to call Macon Regional Crime Stoppers at 1-877-68CRIME.

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