Doocey Calls Biden’s Anti-Islamophobia Camaign a Reelection Ploy

( – On November 1, the Biden administration officially introduced a new “National Strategy to Counter Islamophobia” (NSCI) in response to rising concerns about discrimination across the country. The unprecedented policy shift instantly spurred heated debate among commentators like Steve Doocy, who are suspicious of its timing.

During the November 2 episode of Fox and Friends, Doocy scrutinized the initiative against the backdrop of increasing anti-Semitic incidents. He cited FBI Director Christopher Wray’s recent remarks on the rise in hate Jewish Americans face right now and highlighted an incident at Cornell University in which an engineering student threatened to murder Jewish individuals.

In late October, Wray suggested that the US was witnessing a historic spike in attacks on Jewish Americans, with anti-Semitism accounting for up to 60 percent of all hate crimes based on religion. He pointed out that almost all terrorist organizations target the minority group.

In light of this rise in hate, Doocey said Harris had focused on the wrong goal. “Is [the plan] about anti-Semitism? No. It’s about Muslims and protecting them.”

Calling the move “tone deaf” toward anyone concerned by anti-Semitic acts, he then switched gears to draw attention to the results of a damning poll published by the Arab American Institute on October 31. It indicated a significant 42% plunge in President Biden’s approval ratings among the 500 individuals who responded to the survey. Just 17% said they intended to vote for the current commander-in-chief in 2024, while 40% favored former President Trump.

Doocy speculated that the NSCI might be a strategic move to recapture the support reflected in the plummeting poll numbers. “Perhaps part of it is the fact that [this] new poll came out,” he posited, suggesting that the president only threw his support behind a policy on Islamophobia in an attempt to win back those lost votes. He called the potential prioritization of re-election efforts over the nation’s best interests “wrong.”

Libertarian co-host Lawrence Jones concurred with Doocey but also highlighted the potential repercussions of neglecting the fight against anti-Semitism. Showcasing images from protests in support of Palestine, he pointed out that the same people are increasingly campaigning in hateful ways, including tearing down posters of innocent hostages captured by Hamas.

Jones additionally argued that such an oversight could have an equally negative impact on the upcoming election. He urged the administration to address all forms of discrimination. “Just do the right thing.”

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