Congressman Ken Buck Announces Resignation

Congressman Ken Buck Announces Resignation

( – Representative Ken Buck (R-CO), known for his staunch criticism of former President Donald Trump, is stepping down. In a March 12 statement first shared to X, formerly known as Twitter, Buck confirmed that he would be leaving the House within the week, nearly eight months prior to the end of his current term.

“It has been an honor to serve the people of Colorado’s 4th District,” he wrote, expressing thanks to his constituents for their consistent support over his nine-year tenure in office. While Buck said he intends to remain active in politics, he is also looking forward to spending more time in Colorado and with his loved ones.

Buck’s decision to step down leaves Republicans one step closer to losing their five-seat majority hold over the House. While the timing may feel sudden, it likely comes as little surprise to his colleagues and party members. Buck had already announced he wouldn’t seek re-election last November, citing the claims about the past election and the “January 6 narrative” as primary motivators in an interview with MSNBC.

Buck also derided the state of Congress House during a one-on-one interview with CNN’s Dana Bash on March 12. Describing many of the most pressing issues within the Republican-controlled as deeply “personal,” he suggested that it had devolved into unprofessional bickering and nonsense.

Bash asked the congressman to clarify whether he based his decision to retire on the fact that Trump is now the presumptive Republican nominee. Buck, who has never shied away from making his negative feelings about the former president known in the past, dismissed the idea outright and said he would have left either way. “I think our system is broken,” he said, adding that he hopes to get involved in repairing that process.

Exactly who will step in to reprise Buck after he departs on March 22 won’t be clear for some time yet. Colorado Republicans must first appoint a nominee to represent their party in the special election scheduled for June 25. Buck’s seat is likely to remain vacant until then.

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