Boebert’s Constituents Claim She’s Abandoned Them

( – Representative Lauren Boebert (R-CO) is set for a seismic shift in her political career. In a surprising twist, the congresswoman recently revealed she won’t pursue re-election in Colorado’s 3rd District. But Boebert isn’t quitting; she’s preparing to campaign for a seat in the neighboring 4th District instead. The change in strategy is leaving her most loyal constituents feeling abandoned and dismayed.

In a video shared on X, formerly known as Twitter, Boebert said she felt that changing districts was the “right move for Colorado” and for anyone who supports Conservative values. The congresswoman also vowed not to allow “Hollywood elites” and progressive money groups to use dark money to attack her reputation or buy their way into the 3rd District.

Boebert also opened up about her struggles with divorce, her faith, and parenthood over the past year, and how much of an impact they’ve had on her along the way. She lavished praise on the constituents who stood beside her throughout these challenges, noting that it gave her perspective and helped her to grow. “I cannot put into words how grateful I am,” she said.

But not all of Boebert’s 3rd District constituents, or even her supporters from other regions, are feeling the love. Many have openly criticized her intentions and the suddenness of her decision to run for a different seat. One user on Facebook called her a coward and suggested that the congresswoman only changed strategies because she knew she couldn’t win. Another slammed her for carpetbagging, labeling her weak and self-interested.

Laura Loomer, a well-known Conservative commentator, also attacked Boebert over the decision on X, formerly known as Twitter. She criticized the congresswoman’s leadership skills and drew attention to her recent sex scandal. Imploring Boebert to “be honest,” Loomer warned that the change would likely cost Republicans the 3rd District seat in 2024.

A closer examination of dynamics within the 4th District may shed some light on what motivated Boebert’s strategic calculations. She may be trying to avoid a tight race in the 3rd District, where she narrowly defeated Adam Frisch (D) by only 546 votes in 2022. The 4th District appears to offer her a much more secure opportunity, as current Representative Ken Buck (R-CO) won the last race by nearly 86,000 votes. With Buck stepping down in 2024, Boebert may see replacing him as a clearer, more favorable path to victory.

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