Biden Campaign Memo Argues Trump Is Driving Away Haley Supporters

Biden Campaign Memo Argues Trump Is Driving Away Haley Supporters

( – President Joe Biden’s campaign is trying to persuade voters who intended to support Nikki Haley that it’s time to temporarily switch sides for the good of the United States. In a memo first obtained by The Hill, Communications Director Michael Tyler accused Donald Trump of actively working to blacklist and alienate this subgroup of constituents.

The news outlet chose not to share the entirety of Tyler’s original statement. However, it did reveal several snippets from within it, including his suggestion that former President Trump is facing the reality of an increasingly divided Republican Party. The communications director believes that will spell trouble for Trump’s ability to build a coalition in advance of November.

Tyler also openly criticized the former president for using rhetoric and “extremist” views to create agendas designed to alienate moderate and centrist voters. He suggested that a winning candidate should seek to build bridges, rather than tearing them down, and reportedly included a video montage of conservatives vowing to vote for Biden over Trump.

A recent post on the former president’s Truth Social account appears to at least support the idea that Trump isn’t happy with Haley or many of the voters who follow her. “Nikki Haley got TROUNCED last night,” he wrote. “Much of her money came from […] Democrats, as did many of her voters, almost [half], according to the polls.”

The relationship between Donald Trump and Nikki Haley has repeatedly seesawed between amicable and adversarial over the years. However, it grew clearly antagonistic in recent months. In a series of Truth Social posts shared just after he won the South Carolina primary, Trump labeled Haley a “bird brain” and suggested that she would “NEVER get MAGA!”

The Biden campaign seems more than willing to take advantage of the growing divide between the two Republican leaders. In a statement on March 6, Biden applauded Haley’s courage and willingness to speak “the truth” by standing up to Trump. Then, he invited the former South Carolina governor and her supporters to unite with him in his effort to seek a second term.

Biden acknowledged that he and Haley were unlikely to agree on everything, but suggested that the two leaders would at least fall in line on “fundamental issues” like democracy and the rule of law. “I hope and believe we can find common ground.”

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