Biden Allies Urge Him to Take Aim at Trump

( – Donald Trump routinely lashes out at President Joe Biden while on the campaign trail, speaking to reporters at impromptu press conferences, and during his many television and podcast appearances. He hits the president over a broad spectrum of topics ranging from his political failures to his many blunders and the mounting allegations of criminal conduct lodged against him, his son Hunter Biden, brother James Biden, and other family members. A recent report indicated that Biden’s allies have urged him to reciprocate and take aim at the former president.

On November 12, NBC News published a detailed report about Biden’s campaign strategy based on the information it received from five individuals “familiar” with his thinking. They related that the president had planned to wait until 2024 to target Trump, but things have changed since several of his allies urged him to attack his likely Republican opponent in November.

One person, described as an “ally” with “close” ties to the White House, said the “fight that [Biden] has in him” is finally starting to emerge. Others indicated that the president was recently invigorated by Democrats’ unexpectedly strong showing in several state elections on November 7.

For instance, Trump’s endorsed candidate for the Kentucky gubernatorial race, Daniel Cameron, lost by five percentage points to incumbent Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear. Likewise, Democrats picked up a seat in the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and Ohio voters overwhelmingly passed a ballot initiative enshrining reproductive rights, including abortion, in the state’s constitution.

NBC also reported that Biden’s allies acknowledged that the president’s supporters had been looking for him to show more energy at his events. They said they hoped his seemingly reinvigorated campaign — not that it was ever that lively — might pick up some in the wake of his recent decision to criticize Trump.

According to two insiders, Biden plans to attack Trump over the former president’s record on union/manufacturing jobs. The president mentioned him a few times during the recent nationwide automaker strike and planned to continue doing so.

Time will tell if Biden can stand up to a formidable opponent like Trump in the coming months before the presidential election. However, if the past is any indicator, his supporters may need to plan for the worst.

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