Biden Admin Backs Off Crackdown on Gas Stoves

( – The Biden administration appears to be dialing back its previously proposed regulations on gas stoves. The Department of Energy’s (DOE) latest guidelines, released on January 24, require that new appliances are at least 30% more efficient than the most efficient models available on the market today. However, the rules mainly apply to electric stoves, as approximately 98% of all gas-powered models already meet the provided benchmarks.

The updated regulations for new cooking products are not expected to go into effect until January 31, 2028. This four-year gap grants companies and manufacturers time to adjust and strategize on new models and adjust their production lines.

The DOE had already released a separate suite of new efficiency guidelines for commercial fans and blowers, household refrigerators, and freezers on December 29, 2023. However, all of the most recent updates stem from a joint recommendation from key stakeholders submitted to the department back in September.

The DOE claims the cumulative changes stand to save Americans up to $1.6 billion on their utility bills over a period of 30 years. But while that may sound like a good deal at first glance, not everyone agreed.

The Biden administration’s broader environmental agenda originally sought to significantly tighten energy efficiency standards for nearly all household appliances, including up to 50% of all gas stoves. However, the proposed idea sparked immediate opposition from experts, groups, and everyday Americans alike. Many accused the government of trying to quietly ban fueled appliances outright.

The DOE eventually dismissed the idea of a pending ban as a myth. However, serious concerns about how the draconic changes would impact consumer choice and the overall economy persisted.

In April 2023, a group of 18 experts and industry leaders came together to file comments with the DOE on the matter. It suggested that the proposed changes would actually be harmful to everyday Americans rather than helpful. Just a few short months later, in July, Democrats and Republicans in the House came together to pass the Save Our Gas Stoves Act, which sought to block the DOE’s initial efforts to regulate new cooking equipment.

The DOE’s latest guidelines serve as a compromise between the Biden administration’s desire to target conservation, expert recommendations, and complaints. It’s a step in the right direction for many people, but it is not a guarantee that the administration won’t revert to more draconic regulations later on.

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