Amazon Thieves Brag About Their Haul Online

( – It happens every year during the holiday season. Shortly after Halloween, online sales increase, creating a spike in thefts associated with the delivery of those purchases. Some people receive messages telling them the retailer’s driver left their package on their porch only to find someone stole it before they returned home. Others steal packages directly from the back of delivery trucks. A recent clip shows a group of young Amazon thieves bragging about their haul online.

On November 14, WorldStar Hip Hop published a 38-second clip of a group of thieves celebrating their haul after stealing several packages from the back of an Amazon delivery truck. The young-looking criminals jump for joy, laugh, and holler as they open the boxes and discover they contain luxury items from companies like Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Nike.

A teenager can be seen walking away from the camera with two brand-new suitcases. Another portion of the clip shows one thief celebrating as he holds up boxes bearing the Gucci label. He’s wearing a mask and a hood.

It remains unclear how WorldStar acquired the clip. Some websites attributed the video to the thieves, claiming they bragged about their crime online. However, there doesn’t appear to be any way of confirming they posted it themselves, although an associate of theirs clearly filmed the short clip.

The Atlanta Police Department (APD) issued a short press release offering some preliminary information regarding their investigation of the incident. The statement confirmed that officers responded to an apartment complex regarding a “vehicle larceny.” The Amazon driver told them a group of males entered the back of her truck and “stole several packages.” APD investigators later concluded that the men stole the packages while the Amazon driver was making a delivery by foot in the apartment complex.

Several Instagram users posted a clip showing the thieves stealing the package as the Amazon driver watches from a safe distance. The camera operator appears to have filmed the incident from a unit in the apartment complex.

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