Air Marshalls Tasked with Following People Who Flew on J6

( – Air Marshals have a very important job. They are tasked with accompanying domestic and international flights, assessing potential threats before they can reach passengers and others. Yet, recent reports indicate that for the past few years, many have been diverted to different assignments, creating a big security risk.

On Wednesday, November 29, The Daily Wire reported that the Department of Homeland Security was redirecting federal air marshals to various jobs rather than the explicit ones they’re tasked with. Some were assigned to the Southern Border, while others were told to follow those who flew into Washington, DC, around the timeframe of the January 6 riots — even if they didn’t attend the Capitol that day.

Air Marshal National Council President David Londo and Executive Director Sonya LaBosco wrote a joint letter to the House of Representatives informing the leaders that Americans were being put on watchlists without reason. In the correspondence, they noted how two agencies — the Federal Air Marshal Service (FAMS) and the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) — “are improperly classifying innocent Americans as Domestic Terrorists.” Many weren’t even investigated.

The Daily Wire details one particular instance outlined in the letter: where one air marshal had to monitor one of his colleagues’ wives because she was in Washington, DC, that day. Because she traveled with her husband — an air marshal himself — it was a case of colleague vs. colleague.

LaBosco had previously spoken with Fox News, just a few days before Thanksgiving, noting that the council was notified “that resources are depleted” because the flying air marshals were rerouted to the border to help with “ushering in illegal immigrants,” which, in turn, left “the traveling public unsafe.” While these assignments were initially on a volunteer basis, they eventually became mandated assignments. That, she said, has led to major security incidents all because of a lack of marshals who were assigned to other tasks.

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